Our vision of a robotic assistant

We enable robots to understand our homes and inspire in everyday life.

Our navigation technology makes robots smart and capable of learning.

ROBART was founded in 2009 by Dr. Harold Artés and Michael Schahpar, with the vision of developing Artificial Intelligence that enables useful and affordable robots in every household.

Our technology gives the robot a complete understanding of its environment and equips it with the ability to learn new things. This will soon make robotic assistants for the household of the future indispensable. Besides assisting with daily home cleaning, many useful applications will be made possible.

Home Security

Robot detects unusual conditions

The robot looks after its owners, even if they are not there. By understanding its surroundings, it not only recognizes deviations - such as an open window or a person who has no business being in the house - but also interprets the problem. It knows where in the house something occurs, so it can match a deviation to a room, and warns the owners by sending them a message.

Serving Robot

The robot learns habits


Every person has specific patterns of behaviour, patterns robots with Robart technology recognize quickly, making them into personal assistants of their owners. They memorize recurring events and are not only voice-activated via language assistants like Alexa or an app, but proactive, too. Your robot learns specific habits and gives feedback, such as whether it should serve the 5 o’clock tea as usual.

Investment in Competence

Well-known investment companies quickly recognized Robart’s potential and invested in the company. The Robert Bosch Venture Capital Group, Crédit Mutuel Equity, Venture Capital firm Innovacom, Turenne Capital as well as the SEB Alliance – the affiliate of Groupé SEB (including Rowenta) – support Robart’s vision and the global market penetration.

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