Blog | 24. Sep 2020

ROB-Connect App 1.5 Feature Release Notes

The Robart ROB-Connect App receives some eye catching upgrades with its latest 1.5 release:


  • Multimap Mode
  • Power Modes 
  • Room-Based Schedule 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Multimap Mode

Multimap mode function allows users to map and clean multiple levels of their home easily, without having to create a new map for each use. Being able to simply take your robot from floor to floor is a consumer driven development which Robart was quick to react to. Go from the main floor, to the bonus room, to the basement, all with a simple click in the app. 

Power Modes

The Power Modes option gives the user the ability to change the cleaning power of the robot on the fly. Silent, Eco, Normal and Max give the user the ultimate flexibility. Having company over for breakfast? Set the robot to Silent Mode and allow it to clean during the night to ensure your floors are presentable. Use Max mode for the pet friendly areas of your home which may accumulate pet hair. 

Room-Based Schedule  

Room-based schedule allows exactly that. High traffic areas like the kitchen and family room can be set to be cleaned once a day, while the bedrooms and bathrooms once a week. Whatever the needs of your household, the room based scheduling function can accommodate. Create the perfect cadence which allows your home remain consistently clean. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions option is now more robust than ever. Search from various categories and drilldown to issue and answer that you’re looking for. Robart is optimizing the way we look at learning about robots and their capabilities. Now, such an intelligent product can be met with confidence and the ability to understand it, all at your fingertips. 

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