ROB-Connect App Frequently Asked Questions

Robot setup

How should I set up the docking station?

Set up the docking station near the router on a wall so that the distance to other objects is about 0.5 m. 


NOTE: If the docking station is set up in a different position, the robot has to complete a new exploration. This is the only way to ensure that the docking station is correctly displayed on the map.

How do I correctly place the robot on the docking station?

The robot must be fully charged; it can either be placed on the docking station manually or it can move to the docking station itself. To do so, it must be positioned 30 to 50 cm in front of the docking station; now press the "HOME" button. When it has reached the docking station, the robot beeps.

I would like to adjust the docking station. Is that possible?

Yes. Set up the docking station in a suitable, permanent position and carry out a new exploration with the robot. The docking station is a fixed reference point for the robot. If this is moved to a different location later on, the robot needs to re-explore the home and generate a new map.

Which wireless networks does my robot support?

The robot only uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band to connect to the internet. The 5GHz frequency band is not supported. On connecting, the app automatically only displays the available 2.4 GHz networks.


NOTE: Most wireless routers can be set up to support both frequency ranges. 

What is an exploration and how do I start one?

During an exploration, the robot gets to know the home environment and creates a map. Afterwards the robot can specifically enter or avoid rooms or areas (no-go areas). The app automatically prompts you to start an exploration if no map has been created.

Get to know your robot

For what size of home is the robot suitable?

The robot can clean areas of up to 200 m² with a single map. The map takes into account the area resulting from the largest length and width of the floor space. For example, the actual living space is smaller for an L-shaped floor plan. If the living space is too large, part of the area can be partitioned off during the exploration and then the remaining part of the living space can be saved on a separate map by completing a second exploration.

For which floors is the robot most suitable?

The robot is best suited to hard flooring and short pile carpets. 

Does the robot clean the corners, although it's round?

Yes, the robot can use its side brushes to clean the corners very effectively. 

What happens when the robot reaches the edge of a step?

The robot has built-in sensors that prevent it falling. 

Can the robot damage furniture?

The robot has sensors that identify pieces of furniture. To completely avoid collisions, you can use the app to define no-go areas.

Does the robot work in the dark?

Yes, the robot will complete its tasks very reliably, even though it is completely dark. 

Can the robot be started without an exploration?

Yes. Press the "START/STOP" button to start the robot so that it cleans the entire accessible area.


NOTE: The robot can only create and save a map after an exploration.

When does the robot return to the docking station?

The robot automatically returns to the docking station


  • after finishing cleaning, 
  • when the battery needs to be charged, or
  • when you press the "HOME" button.
Which route does the robot choose?

The robot divides the home environment into areas (e.g., rooms) and approaches them in a targeted manner. In each area, the robot first cleans the edges and then systematically moves over the surface in lanes.

Can I use the robot on a different floor?

Yes, the robot can be started in any environment (e.g., on another floor) by pressing the "START/STOP" button on the robot. If a map has already been saved with the app, the robot will try to navigate with the stored map. If it fails to do so, the robot will clean the entire accessible area. It then returns to its starting position. It is also possible to create and save up to 3 maps with the app.

Can I move the robot to another room and start cleaning from there?

It is not necessary to move the robot to another room. A single room, or several rooms, can be selected very easily on the map using the app and cleaned specifically. After cleaning, the robot automatically returns to the docking station.


However, the robot can also be carried into a room and started by pressing the "START/STOP button" (on the top of the robot). However, in this case the door should be closed, otherwise the robot will try to clean the entire living area.

How can I reset the robot to factory settings?

To reset the robot to its factory settings, press the "START/STOP" button for 10 seconds. This will turn off all the indicator lights for 1-2 seconds; the robot is restarted and all the indicator lights light up again.


NOTE: Resetting to the factory defaults will delete all stored Wi-Fi and map information. A new exploration is necessary to create a map in the app.

How do I reset the Wi-Fi settings?

The robot can be connected to another Wi-Fi network in the app. This will delete the settings for the existing Wi-Fi network.

How do I adjust the cleaning power?

The cleaning power can be defined individually for each room in map editing mode. Furthermore, the suction power can also be temporarily adjusted during ongoing cleaning using the fan symbol on the map screen. 

How long are status messages stored?

The status messages are deleted if the robot is restarted or the robot battery is completely discharged.

Robot maintenance and care

How do I change the dustbin?

Release the dustbin at the two recessed grips top front and rear, and remove the dustbin.

How do I clean the filter?
  • Use the tabs to remove the filter on the inside of the dustbin lid.
  • Rinse the filter with water to ensure a longer service life.
  • Only reinstall the filter in the robot after the filter has dried out completely.

APP Funktionen

The app is telling me that the robot is OFFLINE. What can I do?

Make sure that the robot is switched on and that the Wi-Fi symbol on the robot is continuously lit. If the Wi-Fi connection is poor, the robot may switch to offline mode. However, this is not a problem for the robot function.

How can I delete the robot from the app?

The connection between the robot and the app can be removed by resetting to the factory defaults.  Afterwards, the robot will be displayed as OFFLINE in the app. The robot displayed as offline will not disappear from the app until another user connects to the Wi-Fi network or the user account is deleted.


NOTE: Resetting to factory default settings will delete all stored Wi-Fi network and map information.

How do I update the robot's software/firmware?

The software/firmware is updated automatically, if the robot is connected to a Wi-Fi network via the app. The current version of the firmware is shown in the "Firmware update" menu item of the app.

Can I restrict the cleaning areas?

Yes, to do so, simply define no-go areas in the app that the robot should not enter.

What is a no-go area, and how do I create one?

To keep the robot away from sensitive, problematic areas in your living space, you can use the app to create a no-go area. To do so, select "Edit map" in the map view. 

In the map, you can convert all rooms and areas to no-go areas. Additionally, you can draw user-defined areas (of any shape) on the map, and designate these as no-go areas. 

How can I edit the rooms in the map retroactively?

In the map currently displayed press the "Edit" button. In edit mode, the menu functions let you split rooms, join rooms, rename rooms or define rooms as no-go areas.

I do not want my robot to enter a certain room. What can I do?

Save a map with an exploration and define rooms as no-go areas (virtual restricted areas). The robot will not enter these areas even if the door is open.

Can I delete a saved map?

Yes. To do so, press the "Edit" button and delete the map displayed. This does not delete other maps that have been created.

How do I cancel the cleaning procedure?

Cleaning can be interrupted at any time on the robot by pressing the "START/STOP" or "HOME" button or using the app.

How can I start the calendar function?

Using the "Calendar" menu item or with the "Calendar" button, you can create cleaning tasks for an entire map or individual rooms. 

The scheduled calendar function is not working. What can I do?

Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged. The robot will only start the "calendar function" for the planned area if fully charged

I want to operate the robot in another living area for which I have not created a map (e.g., on another floor). Is that possible?

The robot can also be used on a different floor/in a different living area without creating a new map first. Position the robot in this area and press the "START/STOP button". The robot will clean the entire accessible area and then return to the starting point. It is not necessary to set up the docking station in this living area. Just make sure that the robot is sufficiently charged to complete the cleaning process.

Does the calendar support time change between summer and winter time?

The change between summer and winter time occurs automatically, if the robot is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How do I create an additional map?

Additional maps can be created if the multimap cleaning is enabled in the settings. An additional symbol with the map name then appears in the map view. Up to three maps can be created. 

I have created several maps. What do I have to consider?

Cleaning tasks for additional maps (a maximum of two additional maps) can only be started with the app. When the robot is started via the "START/STOP button" (on the top of the robot), it automatically selects the main map created via the app. It makes sense to define the area where the docking station is located, or where the robot is mainly used, as the main map.

I want to operate the robot with a second map. Do I need a second docking station?

The robot can also be operated in a second area (e.g., on a 2nd floor) without a second docking station. If the docking station is moved from the first to the second cleaning area, then – after completing cleaning – it must be set up again at the location from which the first exploration was carried out.

Problems and remedies

My robot will not switch on. What can I do?
My robot will not charge. What can I do?

Check that the robot is correctly positioned at the docking station and that the docking station is correctly connected to the power supply.

The robot was stopped by an obstacle. What can I do?
  • Free the robot and put it back on the floor. 
  • Press the "START/STOP" button to continue the cleaning program. 
  • Option: Use the app to define a no-go area to avoid the robot entering this area.
The robot is moving in the wrong direction. What can I do?

Wait for the robot to find its current position on the map (this can take up to 2 minutes). The robot needs to do this before it can move in the intended direction. 

The red warning symbol on the robot is lit. What can I do?

Check the error messages in the user manual or in the "Indicator lights" section of the app.

My robot is dropping dirt/not cleaning well. What can I do?

Empty the dustbin. If necessary, clean the filter and the brushes (main brush, side brushes). 

I have moved the robot, including the docking station, and it has stopped returning to the docking station. What can I do?

Let the robot repeat the exploration and create a new map. Once the robot has saved a map, it uses the docking station as a reference point.

The robot does not start cleaning. What can I do?

Check if the robot is sufficiently charged. The red warning triangle in the indicator lights up to indicate a robot error. Check the error messages in the user manual or in the "Indicator lights" section of the app.

Why doesn't the robot start cleaning immediately and instead just move around?

If a map has not yet been created in the app, the robot first briefly (approx. 1-3 minutes) explores a part of the home environment and then systematically starts cleaning. It then repeats this process for the rest of the home environment.

If a map has been created, the robot first discovers its position on the map (maximum 2 minutes) and then starts the cleaning process. 

The robot has not returned to the docking station although I pressed the "HOME" button. What can I do?

Make sure that the docking station was set up correctly and with sufficient clearance. Place the robot 30 to 50 cm in front of the docking station and press the "HOME" button.


NOTE: The docking station must not be moved after the exploration, as it serves as a reference for the robot! If you do move the docking station, a new exploration must be started.

The robot is displayed incorrectly on the map. What can I do?

In rare cases, it can happen that the robot navigates incorrectly in a map or does not navigate correctly at first. It usually takes only a few minutes until the robot autonomously finds its position again and is also displayed correctly on the map.


NOTE: If several maps have been created for different floors, and the robot uses the wrong map, it is best to correct this by restarting the robot.

The robot is entering no-go areas. What can I do?

This can happen if the robot uses the wrong map. In this case start the robot with the correct map in the app.

Why is the robot starting although the calendar function is not set?

If the robot cannot complete a cleaning task with a single battery charge, it will return to its docking station and continue cleaning when fully charged.

Why has the robot stopped cleaning?

The battery may not be sufficiently charged, in this case the robot travels to the docking station and interrupts the cleaning task. As soon as the battery is recharged, the robot will continue the cleaning.


NOTE: The robot will not continue cleaning if it is lifted up during charging or has been assigned tasks such as Stop cleaning / Start cleaning / Go to docking station or Spot cleaning. 

The robot has failed to clean an area or a room although the door is open. What can I do?

Open all doors and remove obstacles. Then repeat the exploration.


NOTE: The map created during the exploration is the reference for the robot's cleaning actions. If not all rooms were recorded during the exploration, or if they were blocked, e.g., because a person was standing in the doorway, these rooms / areas are not cleaned during operation.

The robot's position on the map does not match the actual situation. What can I do?

The robot can only navigate successfully if it was started with the correct map. If the robot was started with the wrong map by mistake, the correct map must be selected in the app.


In exceptional cases, the robot may display its position incorrectly even though the map is correct. The robot always checks its position and will normally correct it again. However, this can take several minutes.

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