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Robart: Reinhard Berlach, 40, becomes Factory Engineering Manager at Robart

Reinhard Berlach Factory Engineering Manager

Automating production in China and ramping up unit quantities. Reinhard Berlach, 40, becomes Factory Engineering Manager at the technology company Robart, based in Linz, Austria.Robart:

Reinhard Berlach, 40, becomes Factory Engineering Manager at the technology company Robart, based in Linz, Austria. The company develops and produces home robots with intelligent navigation, currently robot vacuum cleaners and cleaning robots. Berlach will boost production in Shenzhen, China – in spite of the Corona crisis.


Berlach has come up from the company ranks and moves to a newly created position. The reason for this is a new strategy. Up to now, Robart has developed and produced technical components for vacuum cleaner robots, especially for navigation with artificial intelligence. Customers are large manufacturers of household appliances. In the future, Robart will deliver the complete product, adapted to the customer's design and brand. However, this requires a central management of all production processes.



Statement Reinhard Berlach


“My job is to get the production in China running smoothly and to ramp up the unit quantities,” explains Berlach. Robart works with several contract manufacturers in Shenzhen. “As long as we were only producing components, our departments could keep an eye on it. Now we have to coordinate and control centrally.” Often on site: Although tasks can be commissioned and checked remotely from Austria, to achieve real production control you have to stand in the factory. Once travel restrictions ease, Berlach will be spending one week a month with his team in Shenzhen and collecting many flight miles.


The Corona crisis only marginally affected Robart’s production. In January and February, when China set strict restrictions, no manufacturing order was on the program. The factories are now running at 90 percent again.


About Reinhard Berlach

Reinhard Berlach grew up in Vienna, but moved to Graz to study because the subject of telematics at Graz University of Technology particularly attracted him. He graduated with honors in 2011 and gained experience abroad during an Erasmus year at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. After research projects at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the Graz University of Technology, he started at Robart in 2015, initially as a software developer, taking over as team leader the following year.

Berlach acquired his leadership skills almost by the way through his private engagement for society: as the commander of the volunteer fire brigade i


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