ROBART Professional

Robotic Cleaning

as a Service


From small offices up to huge buildings by using a fleet of robots. 

Your benefits

Robotic cleaning offers cost savings, growth potential, high quality and accurate performance records.


Growth despite staff shortages

Robots are available immediately. Up to 65% more customers can be served with the same staff.


Cost savings up to 50%

Competitive advantage over the competition


Consistent planable costs and quality

No longer a problem with constantly increasing wage costs, sick leave and quality which depends on the performance of the respective employee.


Working time independent

Floor cleaning possible during the night and this does not bother the customer.


Certificate of achievement

Detailed documentation of the cleaned area.


First robotic solution for small areas

Super usable for large areas such as corridors as well as for small, heavily furnished areas such as offices.


Completely simple without invest

ROBART takes over the complete setup and maintenance of the robots . No invest of robots, no repair costs, no special trained people necessary. Just pay per cleaned m².

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