Beyond navigation towards robotic intelligence.

Our AI-powered solution gives the robot an unique performance and the ability to understand its surroundings and adapt to home environments.

Our navigation technology makes robots smart and capable of learning.

We have developed components that harmonize perfectly with a complete system that gives the robot an unique performance.

What's inside counts.

Our AI-powered navigation system consists of hardware (sensor, mainboard) and software. This is the only laser-technology on the market, with front based optical sensor. That enables fully integration in the casing and robust performance.


  • Our patented Laser Navigation Technology is based on more than ten years of development.
  • The robot navigates precisely indoors, even in the dark.
  • Unique solution with permanent mapping for fast, automatic room generation with long-term map stability.
  • Enables the robot to adapt its cleaning behaviour to its environment.

AI Navigation Software

The AI-powered navigation software gives the robot its sense of direction, so it can precisely and safely find its way in changing environments.

Optical Sensor

The optical laser-based sensor detects its surroundings regardless of daylight. It provides the data that the robot needs to navigate accurately.


The mainboard is the robot’s command center. It controls battery management in addition to all of the device’s motors.

IoT Services

Our IoT services enable communication between the user and devices, anytime and anywhere.

Smart Navigation Strategies

Accurate and safe navigation close to walls without touching and getting stuck.

Smart Room by Room Cleaning

Real-Time Obstacle Detection

Precise close to walls and corners

Dynamic Route adjustment

Navigates in multiple floors

Technology Highlights

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Area Management
Efficient Cleaning
Multi-Floor Mapping
Room Management
Smart Communication

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